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  1. What you've described is exactly what I ran in to. The building my flat is in is only 3 stories high. Maybe 10-12 metres maximum and made all of brick. There needs to be a shift in guidance and legislation soon as it could really impact the market.
  2. Hi Andrew, Sorry to hear you are also facing problems and as you've said this legislation will now be impacting people who may be in dire circumstances, especially when you take into consideration the impact the pandemic is having on people. I've recently moved out of a flat in Manchester where we were in lockdown into a house and it's made no end of difference to my quality of life already. Having more space, etc. So I really feel for people who are stuck and can't get out and sell or get a better mortgage. I am continually badgering the property management company, Warwick Estates
  3. Thanks Stuart, appreciate your input and advice. I'll see what I can do and fingers crossed they will pull their finger out and get the survey done. Cheers, Joe
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of advice as I'm in a bit of a frustrating position with a remortgage I'm currently going through and it's costing me money the longer it goes on. I listen to the podcast religiously and know there is a great community here so really hoping to get some advice if anyone can provide any. I've outlined my predicament below. I own a flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire which I rent out. The building is three stories high, and my flat is on the top floor. I've been trying to get the flat remortgaged recently but the lenders are asking for an EWS1 form to confirm the
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