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    Pretty handy, fitting kitchens, bathrooms, moving radiators etc.
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    £2000 p/w after management fees and mortgage.

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  1. Thanks for that, I have been thinking about properties up north. As of now I've kept local. But 3 bed terraced is 160000 to 180000. So when I'm back I'll have to find the right advisor to speak too and see what's recommended. I was told by a friend of a family member to just buy two bed new builds off plan. But there jumping in price here, close to a secondhand 3 bed. So I'll leave that option for now. I guess it just about where to buy up north and take it from there. I did think about Austria and Germany. Having lived there but not checked the figures. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the reply, this was what I was thinking. But do you think I should take btl mortgage interest only as this is what I'm thinking. To produce a extra income now and also make gains in the property price rise in the long term
  3. Hi everyone, I just came across the podcast and have been listening to quite a few, keeping me interested at work. So a bit about my situation. I'm currently working in Germany for the next 9 months, but originally from Coventry. And for a while I've been thinking what next? Should I remortgage to get by to let's. How much should I leave as deposits etc. Or if its the best thing to do. I currently own 4 houses worth an average of 180000 each. 1 I'm going to move into when I return. This has £80000 mortgage residential. The other 3 are mortgage free. My aim is to stop work and also
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