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    Still exporing but favouring towards BTL apartments/flats
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    Marketing, sales and planning
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    I am looking to build a BTL portfolio over the next 13 years that will allow me to work part time in my 40s and retire at 50 giving me time and finances to pursue various investment interests.
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    I enjoy watching all sport and play squash to a county level.
  1. Thanks Wayne, I can do 14th/15th or w/c 21st September is pretty flexible at the moment.
  2. Hi Wayne, I currently live in North Manchester (Whitefield nr Bury) and have a lot of family around South West Manchester, I am that way at least once a fortnight. If you want to meet up for a coffee / lunch it would be good to hear how you started and your experiences. My target is to get my first BTL in 2016 with a portfolio of 10 by 2020. Michael
  3. Hello all, After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I grew a real interest in property investment. Coming across all Rob and Rob's material helped me realise how much I want to be a part of it and how I can get from where I am now (little capital and knowledge) to having my own portfolio that will allow me to live the life I want. I am really interested in hearing from people that have worked in Joint Ventures with people they know. I have a close friend that has a building business and great connections that I am hoping will accelerate our property journey. I look forward to learning and
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