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  1. Hi! Im also in early processes of starting my btl journey i have started the Ltd company and hopefully buying by end of the year. Would like to connect with you all aswell if possible.
  2. Hi i used help to buy loan to purchase my home last December. Really depends on if you want a new home? For me it allowed me to get a home i wont need to move from (avoiding moving costs and additional stamp duty) with warranty for 5 years. As your using the equity loan it allows you to get 75% LTV allowing for lower mortgage payments on the property. Unless you have enough to throw 25% at it yourself i did not have that at the time. after the 5 years interest free i plan to pay of 10% and remortgaging to cover the other 10%.(you can only pay off minimum 10% at a time) if i was in your position and if you have other investment ideas it would be a good idea to leave as little capital in your home as possible allowing you to use the left over for other ventures business, property etc. Or if thats your only savings is always good to have a decent size emergency fund.
  3. Im not to clued up in cypto but have small share of xrp.
  4. Hi, i am going through the process of starting my LTD company to buy/let/sell properties. i do not currently have a computer and was thinking of getting one to do research such as checking for new properties, spreadsheets and calculations. Is this something i should wait to buy once company is started and buy through there? if i do any repairs to a property do you put materials and tools through if you do the work yourself? Same with garden equipment? I have most equipment anyway but say if i need any saws etc to cut flooring is this something i would need to personally buy or through company? i started buying bits personally ready for my project but someone said to me i shouldn't be buying it when i have the business, thanks for any help.