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  1. No different to what you do with letter headed paper. Best include all in signature. I recently setup one myself and use gmail. Not thought much on GDPR beyond the basics....
  2. I will get another quote if i was you. Some of the works are necessary but overpriced. But hard to see what is wrong with the Roof, Kitchen, External walls. All i can see it needs from the 26 pics online, is new complete bathroom, Carpet upstairs, "Some" replacement front windows, Front door, electrics, heating. 10-15k tops!
  3. Evening All, Google brought me here!! Looking to start my investment journey. I am here to learn. Currently own a couple of properties which are occupied by family. I also have a bit saved to start me off on this journey. Missus is not keen i go the BTL route and will rather i buy and flip. I am open to both. Anywhere in the process of registering a company for this venture and opening bank account. Next step is to read up as much as i can on here before deciding on area to concentrate on. All advise welcome. Thanks D
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