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  1. I really must disagree with this survey. It does not include Northern Ireland and Belfast is absolutely safer than Manchester as anyone from England who has visited Belfast will tell you. W Belfast is an incredibly safe city to walk day or night not sure you could say that about any English city equivalent in size or smaller!
  2. Thanks for the link Cormac the outstanding service charges are close to £10,000 I received no detail from the auctioneer that I would be saddled with this debt of someone else hence the importance of reading the legal pack. I wonder is it being sold at auction rather than by an estate agent because of this £10,000 debt that comes with the property and the difficulty of someone getting a mortgage?
  3. Hi Everyone, I am considering purchasing an apartment at an auction and from the legal pack have noticed unpaid service charges that total thousands of pounds from the previous owner going back years. The property is a bank repossession. Does anyone know whether if successful in the auction I would be liable to pay thousands of pounds in unpaid service charges to the management company of this development? Cheers
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