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  1. Hi Darren, can I also know more about your properties sourcing services? I am an overseas buyer from HK and look to start BTL investment in relatively low values properties as a start. Thanks! Mavis
  2. Hi I am from HK and perhaps I can help answer some of your questions though I can’t speak for all people. The reasons behind the crave for properties in Manchester in my personal views: 1) it has gained so much reputation over the years because of the Premier League 2) there is a big population of HK immigrants so it’s a natural choice of settling in 3) all sourcing agents or people are bragging about the potential is in the place (maybe because of the HS2) 4) there is a big supply of new builds most HK people are familiar and more comfortable with 5) HK people are very capable buyers, majorit
  3. Hi challisj I am a newbie to this forum and property investment. Just a bit of self-introduction, I am no BC and I am from Hong Kong. I have been planning to come to the UK and am looking to create a source of passive income to support my living (not fully, but at least to lessen the burden). I am not wealthy, not at all, so there are very limited choices for me. I somehow read an ariticle shortlisting a few cities which see potential growth in the next few years and Nottingham is one of them. You looks like an expert in Nottingham and I would appreciate it if you can share your views of Notti
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