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  1. For LTD co BTL mortgages, who exactly is assessed by the mortgage underwriters? For example: If a SPV limited company has 2 shareholders (one of which is a director) but each have 50% of voting shares, is the director the only person being assessed and has to meet criteria? Hope someone can provide some insight into this! Cheers, Luis
  2. Hi Adam, Taking the above points into consideration, it might be worth having a look at Glasgow. Some 2 bed flats in up and coming areas like Dennistoun in the East End are commanding rents of well over £600 with purchases prices still at £70k-£90k. 9-10% yield is not uncommon. Luis
  3. Hi, Could anyone provide some insight into what type of mortgage you would need to purchase a property that you plan on letting as a serviced apartment on sites like Airbnb? From the people I've spoken to regarding this, lenders seem to dislike this so many of them don't notify them. Cheers, Luis
  4. Hi Tony, Thanks for getting touch. Shoot me a message on Skype - luisgguarin - as I think you need to be listed as an 'Established Member' to send private messages on here. Cheers, Luis
  5. Does anyone in the Glasgow area know or have any experience with a good solicitor/tax advisor that works with Buy-to-let investors? We're looking for some advice on structuring a limited company correctly so that it fits with our long term goals. They don't need to specialise in the sector, but will preferably have experience working with investors and maybe even invest in property themselves. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction! Cheers, Luis
  6. Hi Mark, 1) Click on the "Account" tab 2) If you're subscribed, you'll see a "view past issues" link at the very bottom of the tab that opens up 3) Select what issue you want and either download as a PDF or read via 'Issuu' 4) Happy reading! Cheers, Luis
  7. Just as excited for all the extras us loyal supporters get! Submitted the screenshot to propertygeek.net/win of the "My Orders" page on Amazon, not sure if that's accepted? Cheers!
  8. Hi Simon, Thanks for your answer! Hopefully there will be more options for Invesrors later this year as more of us move to limited companies. We're those for Scottish investors? Cheers, Luis
  9. I was wondering what BTL mortgage options Limited Companies currently have, specifically in Scotland. I've spoken to a few mortgage advisors over the phone and they say the options are very limited for us up north if we're looking to invest via an SPV Limited Company. Any suggestions or pointers?
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