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  1. Hello All, I plan to invest in my first buy-to-let through the limited company structure, with a significant part of the financing from an angel investor. That angel investor is also my parent. What would the best way to structure that investment? A loan to the company or person from the investor? There is also the possibility to have this as some form of gift, therefore, my question is, what are the restrictions regarding gifts from a parent to invest in property through a limited company (if any)? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Harley
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to me. It's helped a lot. Would you happen to know what the implications are getting a loan from a family member to the ltd company? Or whether this is better to go through the director (myself)? Cheers, Harley
  3. Is it possible to borrow more on my mortgage and use those funds to buy a property through a limited company in my name?
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