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  1. Hello, I am starting with my first HMO and don't have time to manage the property and do the refurb. The property already has an extension. But we need to make all room ensuite and on top of that we have a full loft conversion. I guess it takes around 3 months work. How much a HMO full refurb contractor cost? I have a quote from a contractor, but I don't want to get ripped off. What's a fair rate? Thanks for your advice.
  2. Great question you raised. I also am thinking to turning a 3 bed terrace house to a 5 bed HMO. The property already has an extension and we are thinking to use the loft as well. How much is ideal to pay for a refurb project manager to take the property from the sale point to make it ready for tenant? What's a fair quote?
  3. I am viewing a property tomorrow in Southampton quite central and close to the rail station, hospital and university. It is already tenanted and doesn't need huge work to be done. It's originally a 3 bed semi which they have converted one of the reception rooms to another bedroom. In a pessimistic view, this property can give a £1,700 monthly cash flow in full occupancy. The asking price is £220K and I don't think they are open to bring it further down. What do you think?
  4. Hi Ally, glad to see you here. And thanks for your message.
  5. I am embarking on my property portfolio and personally think a flat is a more conservative option than a house. Don't want to start with anything complex like flip, HMS and etc. Just a simple vanilla let. So I have come across these two options: 1- A flat in a premium location (next to train station or town centres) targeting young professionals or a mature or PhD student. 2- A flat on a more suburb or smaller town targeting retired people. Obviously the first one offers better yield but less stable tenants. And the second one probably gives a longer term tenant with probably di
  6. Sure. Please send me a private message with a WhatsApp number.
  7. Hi Olie, Thanks for getting in touch. I am checking your website. Great stuff. Nice video you have on Instagram
  8. Hi James, Many thanks for your reply. That would be great. How can I contact you? Regards
  9. Have you tried Youtube?
  10. Just creating this one to connect and network with property people focusing on Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester triangle. I am personally looking to speak to deal sourcers in this area for BLT and flip projects. Get in touch.
  11. Hi Simon. Great to hear that. Please share more details about your first 1bed flat. Is it in Hampshire? If yes, what city? Also would be great to share your end purchase price and the rent you're getting. Thanks
  12. I believe this is not something you can sort out by a template. If the deal is serious, I would get a lawyer involved.
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