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  1. Thanks for the heads up! This isn't something I have come across before. A quick look shows that a medium electric combi boiler is £2800ish, vs a gas (W-B) at £1200ish. So even getting the mains gas connected (assuming I can), it will likely to be the same cost, if not less to go gas. And gas is cheaper to consume too. I think I'll do more research. Thanks for the info though. Appreciate it. Nick.
  2. Hi all, I viewed a potential BTL today that fits what I am after nicely. It needs a medium level refurb; most notably there is no mains gas to the property so it has storage heaters throughout and a piddly fan heating on the wall in the bathroom, and an immersion tank for water. I am looking into connecting to main gas supply; I have found first point of contact as SGN and am following info on their website to ultimately get an idea of price. Whether I offer on the property (and thus the offer price) hinges on this. The rest I am happy with costing. Has anyone had experience of getting a property connect to main gas? Hassle? Time? Permissions? Anything is helpful. Edit to add: Well the SGN website seems to be quite useful. They quote the following: "If you dig the necessary trenches The estimated cost of this work is usually in the region of £669 + VATIf SGN digs the necessary trenches The estimated cost of this work is usually in the region of £835 + VAT" Thanks. Nick.
  3. Flipping and BTL are very different things and will give you very different lifestyle outcomes. Flipping, if done right, will give you, in effect, a job. You get paid when you sell the house. You will have to turn up every day and graft. BTL, if done right, will give you a passive income for life. You put in an investment, some research and work. You get paid forever (given assumptions). You also get paid in time because you won't be out grafting everyday. Decide which you want. Or a mix of both.
  4. How about chatting with neighbors? If you think the owner is/was 95 years old they may have been there a long time and have good old fashioned friendships with others on the street? This is interesting, I have often pondered the same question when passing clearly empty run-down houses.
  5. On valuing your improvements; check the ceiling price of houses in the immediate area. No matter what you do, if the area doesn't want it, it won't be worth the values you project. With the loft conversion, think about the cost and value in £/m2. There is usually a good correlation; you can calculate the extra value based on this, subject to my first point.
  6. The book opened my eyes to another way of living. Passive income. Simple.
  7. I would say it is wear and tear but they clearly have not taken reasonable efforts to look after the place. Does your own home look like this? I doubt it. Did you have any conditions for them to adhere to in letting them have a dog? I don't think it is acceptable so would be expecting some contribution to repairs.
  8. Finders Keepers have a branch in Banbury. I didn't have a great experience with them going back a few years as a private tenant... Hopefully just a one off though.
  9. Hi Alastair, In the quote there is no kitchen or windows...! The only potential difficulty is we have a Leylandii to the side which will require some investigation for the foundations. But there is no specific mention of it in the quote. We have spoken to someone about this to get some calcs done. Otherwise the build is very simple and straight forward - deliberately so! We do have an itemized quotation, but it's quite generic in its format. EG, it lists "timber" then a price. Rather than "timbers for roof - replace existing engineered trusses". So we have been able to decipher some of the items. I think most astonishingly was the plastering at £12k. The previous house we probably spent less than £3k and this will have no more. Certainly not 4x more! We are waiting for the second builder to quote - due imminently. We'll have a direct comparison then. Then if needed we'll go back to discuss and understand better this quote. As an aside, at £4k m2, we stand to only just about break-even on the project. At £2k we are in for healthy profit! Hence keen and grateful to have some confirmation our research was right. Thanks.
  10. Hi all. We have had quotes in for some building work to extend a house and convert the loft. Our research tells us we should expect around £1500-£2000 per square metre for extension work, and we have subsequently backed this up by way of some friend who had similar work done. (All subject to fit and finish of course.) We have been quoted just over £4000 per square metre which is way out of scope! I am just after anyone's experiences in this area to add comment. We are awaiting another couple of quotes. Our current speculation is the builder doesn't want the job. There certainly isn't anything complicated or bespoke about the work! Many thanks. Nick.
  11. I can highly recommend Bulb. I haven't experienced a price hike. Dead esy to use app makes for a happy customer. Also, with the referals I've not paid anything for over 6 months. bulb.me/nick749
  12. I haven't personally used bridging, but so long as you know the cost and factor it in to your calcs - and it works - there's no reason why not.
  13. Personally I would use a high street agent. I have one local to me who I use, even down to the specific partner in the company. He's been an estate agent in the ares for nearly 30 years. I'm happy to pay for that experience! Call me old fashioned but I still like to do business with a human face - someone accountable when you need it! Good to hear that Conrad successfully uses on-line.
  14. Objectively, Samuel Leeds is a loud, over-bearing, over-confident, brash, arrogant salesman who preys on those who are his opposite, who are looking to honestly better themselves. Ethically it makes me so angry. "Time for regulation?" Essentially, yes. Training course are such easy money for characters like Samuel Leeds. (How a regulator would operate, I don't know..)
  15. I heard on the news one commentator offering that it was too far into build already for it to be scrapped. Interesting thoughts that it may only be a partial completion though.