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  1. Hi Darren, trip to liverpool was good. I walked round and looked at the area, city centre is small so pretty easy. Saw some properties from outside. Also looked in Manchester as well. Where is this area you speak of? I’m pretty open at the moment, not totally sold on liverpool or Manchester. Will be doing Sheffield and Leeds next. Matt
  2. Hi, just joined the forum! Been listening to the podcast for a year or so! Accidental landlord of one flat In Essex. Just got £30k of cash out of the existing property and considering low maintenance flat in Liverpool (or Sheffield or Leeds). Heading up north later this week to have first look at areas in city centre armed with Rightmove and Zoopla. Would be good to chat to some agents I guess but I am on step 1 of this so nowhere near ready to commit. Obvs loads of agents in liverpool, haven’t a clue if they are good bad or indifferent. Any advice/ recommendations welcome... looking at circa
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