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  1. Thanks for the info team. I went with OpenRent in the end, they put the ad up on RightMove and Zoopla for free for 48hrs. I managed to get a couple of viewings on that first day, and promptly agreed to let it out to one of them. So it didn't cost me a thing! I also did the referencing myself, so I'm quids in. Would recommend OpenRent if anybody else is in a similar situation.
  2. I have been recommended "Letting a Property", but wanted to see if anybody else can recommend an alternative. I'm going to self-manage my first BTL. And want to know the best site to advertise on the major property search sites, and also manage the tenant search. So dealing with applications/referencing/credit checks etc. If there are any resources or another thread to direct me to, that would be most appreciative
  3. Hi, I'm currently renovating my property for the first time. The main renovation is the removal of an internal load bearing wall. The work started today, and the builder said I need Building Control to do some site visits throughout. Which frustratingly, is the first I heard about this. Is this a mandatory requirement? Do I need 2/3 site visits? I'm learning on the job I guess, but would be good to hear other peoples experience in this domain. Thanks.
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