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  1. Hi Everyone. Although many people are predicting a drop in house prices of around 14% after furlough and the stamp duty holiday ends. I dont think it will happen due to the low interest rates and crazy amount of stimulus the government has pumped into the economy. Does anyone think different? Will house prices drop at all? Or by a different amount? Would be great to open a discussion about this. Let me know what your think
  2. This was my thinking going forward aswell. I understand the price of the property reflects the yield that it can achieve. But smaller HMOs that dont need to be licensed, such as 3 or 4 bed terraced houses that are being rented as HMOs carry a slightly different weight. Its helpfull to determine for yourself the bricks and mortar cost to find out how much extra cost the yield is putting in there. Just looking for tips on how to do this with no comparables.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm currently investing in HMOs and I have a question that I'm assuming most people involved in HMOs think about but I would love to open a conversation about it. When purchasing a HMO, the asking price is often, if not always, inflated because of the potential cashflow that these properties offer. However the "bricks and mortar" value is in reality much lower. I want to purchase a HMO property for a market value that is related to it's real cost as suppose to its inflated cost, to reduce the risk of loss if the HMO demand in this area decreases, and also to see capital
  4. Hi everyone! My name's Patrick, I'm a 23 year old engineering graduate who's been interested in property since I was a teenager. I have had a bold goal since a young age to build up a property portfolio to give me financial freedom, allowing me to quit my job and provide for my amazing partner and future family. I have been a listener to the property podcast for many years, aswell as reading and researching anything economics or property for the last few years, and now that I have a nice saving pot, I am about to invest in HMOs in the sheffield area. I would love to meet people with a sim
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