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  1. Thanks James, it was just a number for an example, not a real deal, but the advice is great. I have a lot of saving and figures to do before buying. H
  2. Yes, you're right. i hadn't thought of it like that. I just thought of all the money I would have to live without, but it would still be my money, just tied up in an asset.
  3. I'm preparing to buy my first property next year, and am getting my strategy together, and want to keep really good records from the start. I'm confused about when I will start making money. Let's say I need 30k to cover the deposit, legal etc costs, renovations, insurance, all of the costs, and then after paying the mortgage I make £100 per month. In my mind I don't make a profit for 300 (plus extra yearly expenses) months, because my initial outlay was so much, but I technically would have an income of £100 more than my wage. Is it a yearly thing, like i'd make a loss in the first year and t
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