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  1. Hi, Apologies for the delay. No, she is not in the higher rate tax band. When you say income tax planning what do you mean? Thanks
  2. Looking for a new BTL accountant. I am based on the South Coast and been keen to hear any recommendations? Thanks
  3. So I currently own my own home where I have been living for 4.5 years which I was lucky enough to buy myself (saved by living with parents). My long term partner (not married) has just agreed to buy a new home for us to move into which will be an upgrade for us both and this will be in her name (until married). I now have the fortunate option of what to do with my property (Paid 178k now worth approx 210k - 2 bedroom on South coast). My first thoughts is to rent out my property but given my circumstances obviously the property is not within a limited company and I am just on the edge
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