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  1. Such a Knucklehead! I meant Bognor to Bournmouth!
  2. I'm like you in this area too, real shame this thread never got any traction as i have all the same questions. Perhaps the lack of interest is the answer, this area is not good for BTL?
  3. Okay, it seems my posts are getting restricted so my thread is at the bottom of the page before it even appears. But anyway, hi again to the community if you ever get to see this thread.
  4. Hi Guys, I’m Dan, just turned 40 and looking at the economic conditions have decided this is the ideal time to be getting into property. I’m actually mainly an stocks & shares type guy working in London for 20 years, so I have a decent portfolio of around half a million in my ISA. However, I do not intend to touch a single penny of that. The stock market is a mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient, and I think I can get a couple more doublings out of that before I retire that I put (hopefully) somewhere between 50-60. I moved out of Lond
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