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  1. Thanks for you response. Apologies i didnt update the post. I rang them up and they confirmed it was fine for me to go ahead as it doesnt breach my agreement. The purchase has now gone through For anyone else in the same boat, this was through notting hill genesis. However always best to check your ts & cs and ring anonymously to verify.
  2. I've just received a quote to remortgage a residential to a BTL mortgage with tenants in common. The broker has quoted £800 with £300 paid up front and the rest on completion. Is this normal? My last broker charged around £300 on completion for a residential mortgage so this seems high. Looking for advice if this is normal? Many Thanks
  3. ive started reading your journey from 2017, im at the point of your first sale. So fascinating following this journey as im about to start mine. It will probably take me a few days to catch up to 2020 but loving your tenacity!!!
  4. hello, Im in a similar boat. Did you/do you need to ask permission from your housing association if you're allowed to buy a BTL property?
  5. Hello, Im currently on shared ownership and own 25% share of my property. Ive saved up some money and im keen to start my buy to let journey. My question is, am i allowed to own a buy to let property while im still on shared ownership? Do i have to ask the housing association permission for this? Many thanks
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