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    I am currently a landlord, owning 1 investment property. I am looking to grow and invest in more property in the near future. I am looking for advice, guidance and discussion how to develop
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    Single let property
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    Skills in property management / lettings
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    I would like to grow a portfolio and business
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    My interests include: Running. Weight lifting. Travelling

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  1. Hey Lucy and welcome. Definetely better to use leverage and buy more property! Credit checks shouldnt be too much of an issue. Have you considered setting up a limited company? It may be worthwhile if you are looking to build a portfolio?
  2. Sell get that war chest and buy more. Using leverage is a huge advantage and you will have solid cashflow and a solid portfolio. Then you can look to refinance and do it again.... then drive off into the sunset for good. Ive simplified the process but you get the idea. Good luck buddy. Ive often thought about the camper idea.
  3. Welcome to the community Carl. Be interested to hear your journey. Your experience as a QS could be a huge tool in helping you along the way. Would be great to talk more. Im starting out on my journey too and be happy to help where I can. Loads of like minded people on here if you need any help. Do you have socials? Mine is @prevalentproperty be good to connect
  4. Hi Felisha and welcome. I am an investor in the south also looking to invest in the north. Was it just Liverpool you was looking at? Are you planning to refurb the propertys or buy and let out in current condition?
  5. Thats a solid background for this game Mike. Where abouts in the east of England are you? What strategy are you looking to adopt?
  6. Hi Fred, Sorry to hear about your situation. Have you tried talking to your landlord to try and come to an agreement about a payment plan etc? There may be a way you can both come to agreement that works for you both, whilst you get back on your feet? I hope things look up for you soon. Regards. Mark
  7. Hi Dave, Sounds interesting. I think it may be useful to have an app that alerta you if tenants have not paid, alert you when tenancy gas safe certificate, eicr and epc are expiring. Also a simple refurb estimator for when on viewings. Happy to discuss further / work with you on the development. Regards. Mark
  8. Hi Alex, I would be interested to hear more about how the technology could help with a property business? Regards. Mark
  9. Hi Charlie and welcome! Have you got any previous experience or just starting out on your property journey? I am from South London myself and also interested in investing further a field. What areas did you have in mind or is it just an idea at the moment? Would be great to talk further about this. Kind regards. Mark
  10. Hi Louise, The trades all under one roof is generally a good idea, as they essentially project manage for you (the stressful part). Make sure you have contract in place with schedule of works and always check work before releasing payment. That way if it does go wrong you can get someone in to finish off what they did not and not get hugely stung. Kind regards. Mark
  11. Ashley, Sounds like you have a great array of skills to have a sucessful future in property. Any ideas on what areas you will be looking to invest in? Where abouts are you based? Regards. Mark
  12. Hi Mark - how are you? I see you have a networking group on WhatsApp - can I join please? thanks Sam


    1. markwarren


      I have literally just seen this after replying to your original post. I will get you added in now!

  13. Hi Ashley, welcome! Would love to hear your journey.
  14. Hi, I currently have one investment property, which was a new build when purchased. I am looking at turning my hand to BRR strategy and in the process of researching potential investment areas. Have you any idea at this stage, the area in which you will be investing? Cheers. Mark
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