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  1. Hello! Wondering if anyone uses some kind of investment analysis software to model and compare potential deals. Or do you plug the numbers into a spreadsheet? I have heard a few time-saving software tips from the Robs on the podcast but none for this. Maybe I missed that one!
  2. Great reply Derek, thanks. Now I just need to find the right accountant...
  3. Hi. I have no BTLs currently, but plan to be making offers soon. I want to run this via a Ltd company from the start. At what point should I set this limited company up? Should I ensure it is in place when I offer on a poperty? Assuming the offer is accepted, a deposit wil be due - that should come from Ltd company, right? I intend to engage an accountant to make sure it is all set up correctly, but just need to know at what stage. (Also, would I be able to bill that accountant to the Ltd they advise me on setting up??)
  4. People chasing yield! When looking at properties do you have a yield threshold? I've got so used to the yields attainable locally that I'm out of touch with what you can get elsewhere. What is attainable to you (and where)? What is the line beneath which you will not go?
  5. OK there's four of us - probably enough to start a group? If someone else comes along we can add. I'll ping you all individually and move it forward.
  6. Hi Stuart and hi Mark from my other post. I'd be very happy to be part of a network group if you think that works. Seems we are all in early stages of BTL so it's all about knowledge sharing and ideas bouncing as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Hi. I'm new to BTL - still at the knowledge gathering stage but I hope to do a first investment before end of stamp duty holiday. Although I'm not yet 100% clear on a strategy, one thing I am pretty sure of is that I want to stay local, at least at first. For me that means towns I know - Worcester, Cheltenham, Malvern, Tewkesbury and a couple of others. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on those places if you have any. I'm aware of the advantages of looking nationwide but it doesn't feel right at this early stage. My property background: unencumbered homeowner, experience of working in m
  8. Hi. Newbie here. This site is awesome. And this corner of it is the most exciting bit. Go mortgage advice! I read somewhere (possibly here) that someone had bought the property as an individual (thereby benefiting from better mtg rates) and was renting it to their ltd company (thereby benefiting from better taxation). It sounds too simple! Does this work? Is it legal? Will lenders be OK with it if they find out? Your thoughts please :-)
  9. Hi Martyn and Alja. How has it been going on the Worcester and Chelt front? I too am interested in these areas but in more of a general potential POV - I am very new to this and just working out whether a strategy of staying local works or if I should look further afield, which might entail some different activities and a lot more research. I live in Worcester and work in Cheltenham (or did before covid made me home-based!) so these are the two towns I know best. Agree that Chelt might appear to have more prospects for growth, but everything has been turned around a bit this year, so not so su
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