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  1. We need to find a mortgage broker who can help us with our expat mortgage. Can anyone recommend a good one for buy to let? We are not living in UK. Much appreciated. PM is welcome
  2. HI, I am looking to invest into BTLs in Manchester and would like recommendations for sourcing agents. Would greatly appreciate if you have reliable and trust-worthy sourcing agents (who are rooted and grew up in Manchester, spent all their live there) to recommend. Pm is welcome. Thanks 555
  3. I asked my mortgage broker for advice. If I buy my first property with a company, the interest rate on the mortgage is about 4.5%. If I buy it personally, the interest rate is about 2.8 In the long run, I would buy more than five properties. I understand the tax benefits of buying a property with a company, but if the interest rates are that far apart, the tax savings from buy with a company are less than enough to cover the interest costs So my question is: If I buy my first property as an individual so that the lenders know that I have experience investing in property, will my
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