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  1. Thanks Julia, these are definitely questions that needs to be asked. I believe that the majority of people who live in rough areas are not rough themselves; maybe they don't want to live there but they have to for various reasons (mainly work); maybe they grew up there and prefer to stay close to their family and friends. I'm seeing too many investors boasting about their 7%, 8% and 9% yields so I can only assume that most of them invest in such areas.
  2. Genuine question.. It's obvious that rough areas usually generate higher yields so great for cash flow. If capital growth is not my top priority, what are the reasons to avoid areas I wouldn't want to live in? P
  3. Hi Andy, I'm in exactly the same position, I have a tech business and I'm looking to start investing in properties through a LTD company. I contacted my mortgage broker and received the following information: Most lenders do not allow the use of a Trading company, they require a new company to be used known as a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ for the sole use of property investment The company can be set up at day one, and will need to be set up under the relevant ‘SIC’ Code (Standard Industry Classification). Not every SIC code for property is accepted by every lender
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