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  1. Thanks Dave! To clarify, 3 years ago the flat was sold for 50K more than the price that it is currently on the market for (meaning the seller must be considering making a loss on the sale). There's not a lot of comparables in the area but the current asking price seems to be in line with most others - it looks like the flat was perhaps just sold at a premium/overpriced 3 years ago for some reason?! The yield looks good but just concered about the long term capital gains - all research suggests its got great opportunity for growth but just concerned that it hasn't performed well in the las
  2. Hi Property Hubbers! My husband and I are soon to complete on our first property investment and are now looking for our second! We have found a flat in a good area of Leeds that was part of a conversion development of a 19th century building, 3 years ago. The general market trend of the area has been steadily on the rise for the last 10 years but there has been a localised dip in the last 3 years, meaning the flat was bought 3 years ago for nearly £50 more than what it is on the market for now. We are looking to buy and hold following the BTL strategy. We don't see any problems with
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