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  1. If you are focusing on holiday lets then it could be a potential route to some healthy long term profits. Flood prone houses represent good value for the area they are in from a buyers perspective, but to a holiday maker this makes zero difference (indeed they may actually prefer to be near to a river!), so you can charge from a higher level on the holiday let market than the house price may otherwise suggest... If holiday let is your long term strategy and the finances stack up - sounds ok. However, speaking from experience of a close family member - validate the insurance cost and s
  2. Greetings All, In the midst of planning my desired strategy I have come up with a curiosity - how do most property developers/landlords structure the financing for their own home? If you have enough capital, I suppose the optimal scenario is to buy a place in cash, but as most of us have limited capital, it is better to keep it 'working'.. I also don't want to be throwing money away on rent, so is the answer an interest only residential mortgage? Any tips, thoughts and opinions welcome. Thanks! Karl
  3. Be careful with the early repayment fees on the residential mortgage... I'm still new to this but I believe it is a case where bridging finance might be appropriate, or a BTL with no early repayment fee enabling you to refinance with minimal expense.
  4. Just randomly picking up an old post here...you may have found it by now, but there is also 'How to live mortgage free'. Incidentally, it is, in a rather long winded way, how I ended up deciding to sell my flat and start a real property journey. Sarah Beeny is not my favourite character on TV, but the projects, the people they focus on, and ideas which they share are mostly very interesting - and I think you can pick up some good 'tips and tricks' from there.
  5. My flat in Greater London (South) should be on the market in the next few days - I'll let you know how it goes. My opinion is that the trends will be very split, geographically speaking, and there may be some surprises. For example, I would be looking to buy in areas of the country where the economy is heavily reliant on tourism/hospitality over the next 6 months or so - businesses in these industries have had a tough time in the last few months and there are more redundancies to come, therefore more supply, and the desire/need to strike a deal could be good in those areas. Then the sur
  6. Hi Belinda, I haven't specifically mapped my goals out yet but I believe we are walking somewhere along the same lines. I also have two young children in tow! My initial strategy is mostly focussed on flipping and/or building, along with slowly building a BTL portfolio. Let's stay in touch. Karl
  7. Hi @belindam Hopefully down to Cornwall, though I'm not geographically tied to that area in an investment sense - I think I could stomach just about anywhere in the South. As far as a group goes that would be great! I'm not sure on my timeline on arriving in the area - hopefully within the next 2-3 months. I keep flipping between buying a house to refurb, or building from scratch. I have found some decent plots in nice towns for reasonable prices which I have my eyes on, I do see some capital growth opportunity in certain areas. Difficult to know what to do until I am on the gr
  8. Greetings Property Hub, Firstly, I want to say that I have read quite a few posts in this forum before this, my first post, and I am overwhelmed with the level and quality of information - the feeling of everyone helping each other is not something which you experience every day, but I get the distinct feeling that everyone here wants everyone else to succeed. Even though these are my first steps, it feels great. Over the coming days and weeks I am going to trawl the forums for the information I need, and post a couple of more specific posts to fill in any gaps that I can't quite get my
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