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  1. Hi all, just wondered if anyone could recommend a telecoms service? Looking for something that can offer virtual landlines, maybe a VOIP service and most importantly a divert on no answer/after x amount of rings in case I can't get to the phone. Have looked at the likes of https://www.invoco.net/ and http://www.tamartelecommunications.co.uk/, but they don't seem to offer divert after no answer. The only one 1 can see that offers anything like it is http://www.penelope.co.uk/, but just woindered if there was anything else people used? Also looking at an answering service and have been recommend
  2. Hi Andy, One of my properties is leasehold with a share of freehold. Interestingly, there isn't a company that owns the freehold, it is just us 2 freeholders that manage it. The experience I have had of it has been mixed. The other freeholders have changed over the years that I have owned the property; out of the 3 that there have been, 2 have been great, the latest however is proving quite difficult to deal with. I think in my situation it is worse as because there are only 2 of us, if we both disagree over there is in effect a stalemate. My sister who also owns a share of freehold flat n
  3. Thanks Tim; had a feeling that in the worse case should the paperwork not be signed, the tenancy would revert to a periodic one as per normal (had this confirmed by the chaps at Landlord Action). I have already done all the required paperwork and checks (AST, right to rent, referencing, how to rent, etc), really it was just a concern that the new AST might not be signed prior to the end of the original one. Need not have worried however; seems the new tenants had made use of the summer sun and shot off on holiday so signing bits of paper wasn't top of their list of priorities. However HelloSig
  4. Thanks Michelle, think this goes to show the importance of getting expert advice in matters! Unsure whether the new mortgage relief changes will have an affect on this; I seem to think not, but am interviewing some accountants in the next few weeks so will report back what they say. Interestingly enough, I got the impression that this is rarely ever picked up on (in fact only if you have the misfortune to be audited by HMRC) as from what I recall there is nothing about it in the SA, which is part of the reason it isn't well known about. Of course it doesn't mean that one can't pay oneself
  5. Hi all, Just had an interesting conversation with my tax accountant sister who pointed something out to me that I didn't know. Apparantly you can only deduct the mortgage interest up to to the capital value of a buy to let property when you started letting it out. So for example if I bought a house worth 200k and in 10 years it was worth 400k, if I then remortgaged for more than 200k, I wouldn't be able to claim the mortgage interest on anything above the inital 200k value of the property. I'm probably not explaining myself too well, but this is the text in question: "Increasing your
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if you fine people can offer some advice. I have 3 tenants on a joint tenancy that is coming up to the end of its term at the end of the month. Last month one of the tenants indicated that she would like to leave as she is going travelling, but the other 2 plan to stay on and have found another tenant. I've sent out an agreement for the new tenancy, but as of yet haven't had this returned to me or had the deposit or 1st month's rent from the new tenant which is making me slightly nervous. My question is, should this new tenancy not be signed and the other 2 tenan
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for this; I hadn't even considered the ombudsman nor the insurance; I had hoped to work without an office as I reckon I'd only need to manage 5/6 to make up for the salary of a lost day's work. I thought my biggest obstacle would be getting onto the portals; clearly have some more research to do! In the meantime have been looking at services like https://www.lettingvision.co.ukand http://www.lettings-opportunity.co.uk/ which seem to package a solution up for you; no idea what they are about yet, but will update here in case anyone else is thinking along the same lines.
  8. no worries Gosling, his email is Peter Vandervennin <peter@thefinancialconsultancy.com>. As I said, no link to him other than he's about to do a 2nd mortgage for me and part of the reason I used him was he was able to suggest products that helped meet my strategy, rather than the usual "computer says no" I was getting from a few other brokers. Good luck.
  9. No problem Andy, his email is Peter Vandervennin <peter@thefinancialconsultancy.com> - good luck.
  10. I'd completely agree with Stuart; banks are generally useless and a good broker will work wonders for you. Also do check out both your credit ratings and tell your broker about any issues - good place for free ratings is noddle.co.uk and clearscore.co.uk; sign up for both, costs nothing and covers 2 of the 3 main agencies I think. If you need a recommendation for a broker I can suggest one who has just done wonders for me.
  11. Quite often lenders will give you permission to let for a year or two without any major costs (seem to remember an £80 admin fee); maybe buy as a residential for a 2 year fix, then seek permission to let after the 1st year? Then once the term is up and you can remortgage on a buy to let. Best bet is to talk to a good mortgage broker and explain your plans; they often know the lenders well and should be able to tell you what is possible. If you haven't got one yet, I can give you a recommendation of a guy I've used who is great. Costs nothing to have a conversation with him and see what's avail
  12. Can't suggest any lenders, but I found a broker who has done wonders for me. Managed to get me more borrowing than 2 other brokers could find me @ 2.29% (that was on a personal b2l mortgage, but he does all sorts of lending inc Ltd). Have absolutely no vested interest in using him, bar the fact that he has been great with me and is currently sorting out another mortgage for me. I normally avoid recommendations from people I don't know, but he was at a property seminar I attended recently & he talked a lot of sense. Thought I'd contact him to see what he could do; so glad I did. Let me
  13. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on becoming a lettings agency. I currently self manage one of my own properties and am considering doing this through a ltd company to reduce the income I receive from it. However it got me thinking as to whether I could do this for other local properties. My family have got a couple of local properties they also rent out via day to day estate agents @ eye watering rates (14%+VAT) and a neighbour rents out the house next to me. Am pretty sure he might consider using me as he's not pleased with his current agent and their fees. Admittedly no
  14. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone out there self manages a property whilst working full time and how they manage arranging contractor access for things like plumbing jobs, etc? It's a bit of a bore trying to find the time off work to just go round and let a plumber into my flat and then hang around for an hour whilst he does his stuff. I'm based in London and have heard about a site called taskrabbit and it seems I can as part of that get a plumber to pick up my keys, go to the flat and then drop the keys off when done. My concern is that a safe thing to do? The flat will be empty at the t
  15. Thanks both; just heard back from my other mortgage broker and he's offering a lot less than the one with the Clydesdale Bank offer; he argues that based on a rental of £2300, a loan £441k is the most lenders will go to. Am surprised as the other broker has offered up to £470. Just based on a Google search it seems that there are lenders that will go to more than £441k on a £2300 rent (RBS, Virgin, etc). I was just wondering whether it is acceptable to ask a broker to see a list of the lenders they use or is that not the done thing - what would you guys say? In the meantime I have aske
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