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  1. Thanks - ill try with a broker first and go on from there - still another 10 months to go.
  2. Thanks - I just wasn't sure whether BTL was a valid reason for them to allow us to reportage. But for me it seems a good way to raise finance. Thanks ref the broker advice - have been with HSBC for a while and they have always had great residential rates but worth shopping around for sure. Thanks.
  3. Thanks - yes im happy with the risk after thinking it over last year (have a decent final salary pension). Ill def speak to a broker But would my lender be happy with me remortgaging twice so quickly especially with the fact that the original funds were redirected. (HSBC if that helps) My plan is to try and get 4-8 properties in the next ten years - so will need to be slightly aggressive as the equity in the new houses won't grow that quickly. This seems a sensible way forward.
  4. Hi - so ive lived in my current house for 7 years. In Dec 2019 I remortgaged as I was going to do a loft conversion. Due to family reasons - that didn't happen so instead I pooled it with my own money to use for a btl. That mortgage is due a renewal (2 year fix) in Dec this year. Am I able to reportage again and pull some more money out for another BTL? I have a fair amount of equity in the house still. Any advice?
  5. Hi Matt - im from Coventry and investing here too. Well I say that - had an offer accepted on my first BTL this morning. Am really excited. Mind if I DM you?
  6. Hi, I wonder if people could please have a look at this potential deal for a 3 bed Semi with Garage in Coventry. Tell me your thoughts. House looks relatively recently refurbished too with new kitchen. Thanks in advance.
  7. Again many thanks - will read it all. :).
  8. Thanks very much for your reply - I do appreciate it. I cant rule this out entirely - its just my current role is one I love doing as it affords a good work/life balance. That and the next promotion up is a load of heartache with not much more cash! That being said it would also affect my pension for the better if I was to do it. Thanks - I will read it. Just been reading the property hub articles too. Its a minefield!! Always been PAYE, never thought about tax! Yes my wife is unlikely to increase her pay. In fact she wants even less hours! But with
  9. Hi - sorry - newbie question here: I am currently aged 41 and have a good final salary scheme which should finger crossed allow me to retire at 50/53 which should cover most of my life expenses. On top of this I also have a bit in shares (finance is a bit of a passion of mine). Wishing to diversify I have been looking into property for a while now and am at the point of pulling the trigger, im actively looking and put an offer in yesterday. My aim is to try and build a portfolio of 4-6 properties in the next ten years to bring in £2k if possible - this will then let my wife retire and
  10. Thanks I did - actually I googled it as well. £120 pm. Seems a bit steep but its a great location
  11. Yeah id put an end date on that. Interestingly went to view a flat today, up for £150k. said to the agent - "how much is she looking at for it". and without hesitation said £145k!
  12. Thanks! Is there any easy way to check the service charge on a flat if its not listed in the advert?
  13. Hi - silly newbie question - but who pays the service charge on flat rentals? Is the tenant or landlord? Thanks
  14. Hi - sorry newbie here but a quick question ref this: Isn't it better just to keep some money in the bank for an out and out replacement? For my own home I insure as little as I can, even having high excess as i just keep money in the bank. I think it gives better value. Obviously you need the money upfront.
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