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  1. Hi, I plan to buy a London flat and sell it for retirement funds at the conclusion of the 25 year mortgage. I have found a suitable deal but last min research has thrown up an issue. The leasehold is 102 years. By the time I need to sell on it will be down to 77 years which is a serious problem from all I have read. It seems clear cut, lease is too short for a long term strategy; the property cannot be made to work - move on. I appreciate I could look at buying the freehold or extending the lease which is costly. Passing the costs onto my seller via a discount, Il
  2. Lilla, Stuart thanks for the continued advice, it is helping me find the correct path forward. Have reached out to Lilla to see if there is potential to work together in terms of what we are discussing here.
  3. Hi Julia, Thanks for the response, very useful. Seems wise not to be scared off searching for a home as I will own it for a reasonable amount of time. Long enough for an investment to endure even if a % point above the avg at time of purchase. Lots of factors to consider as you say. thanks.
  4. Stuart, Lilla, thanks for the information, very useful for my situation My accountant read this thread and advises that while 2020 profits are fully paid out, 2019 had 14K of profits I could potentially have paid out. If I could use that 14k it would change my situation significantly. I am happy with my High st broker but doubtful they can help manage income structures. In this situation would you recommend taking on a specialist broker to organize my info to the right lender? The only additionally provision from me is 2 years audit it seems. That does sound ominous.
  5. Self-employed as a Director of an LTD seeking a residential mortgage. Struggling with the income being used by mainstream lenders. The numbers put forward from my accountant represent net income based on salary drawn / dividends. I need a specialist broker who can find a lender willing to assess my income differently to a mainstream lender. Any recommendations?
  6. Stuart, thank you for the insights. Glad to be able to benefit from your experience. Kirsty, thank you for adding your experience to the mix also, appreciated. The takeaway here seems to be – if in a position that is not straight forward or common on the high St. it makes sense to seek out a specialist broker. I think I am in that situation. Have started a new thread as it crosses the topic. I’d be very appreciative if you could take a look and let me know your thoughts? It may just be your area. Many thanks.
  7. Hi Stuart, its difficult to understand who can be trusted - if anyone.. Would you mind elaborating a bit on the chain of command that pits estate agent in house brokers against new buyers? The advice I have so far received, with my personal circumstances factored in is given the money available to me (based on salary and x 4.75 calc ) plus my deposit I would be better to hold off until I can get to 85% LTV as the interest will be a marked difference between that and 90%. I am very close to 85% as it happens hence the advice, which I thought was honest and impartial. N
  8. Stuart, thanks for that insight, I have called a local estate agents (in the area I wish to buy) with an in house broker (all of market - except Lloyds). The broker said the right things along the lines of understanding my goal as an individual and honing down the products to one that works with that goal. The company (KFH) came via recommendation from a friend who successfully used them last year. I intend to use many resources to locate properties of interest, not just the brokers firm. Dave, I may not have been clear, I work as an LTD co but will not purchase via the com
  9. Hi, Would you be able to update us first time buyers re current market trends regarding property purchases before 2021? Signs (and my property hub updates!) point to a 2/3% rise in prices by the years end. My plan is to purchase before 2021 but would be keen to know if the next few months are going to markedly difficult - enough for some to put off purchasing. Thanks! T
  10. Hi all, My situation: Goal: Buy flat to occupy / use in retirement. +Potential to rent/sell – will keep compromises in check between “home” and “buy to let” mentality. Strategy: A mortgage with rates to work. Simple? Hmm. Me: late bloomer, first time buyer, 42yrs old, no bad credit, 40k deposit on hand, am a contract worker via my Ltd. Company - but have options to go staff also. Want to borrow min £310k – max £350k A mortgage broker is required. High st or online? Online - Habito, Trussle, L&C - as dependable? Research
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