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  1. Thanks for the advice all. I don’t want to increase the mortgage on the house as don’t want any higher monthly payments and can’t spend the wedding money! I’ll keep saving for now!
  2. Hi David We have a below 75% LTV and as there are two of us a relatively high salary. We have about 30k in savings but that is for our wedding. Im not sure if that would be acceptable or not? Supposing we were able is there anything else you think we should consider?
  3. Hi all Im currently saving up to get to a financial position to be able to start investing. Just wondered if anyone had any advice/thoughts on changing my residential mortgage for the house where I live from a repayment to an interest only mortgage to reduce the monthly payments and speed up the savings process. The plan would be to change back to a repayment at some point in the future once I’ve got enough capital to get started with the investing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jack
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