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  1. Thanks Matthew Yes would be surprised in the current climate if it still goes ahead Kind Regards
  2. Hahaha more than qualified to comment then Dino. My dad who will also be involved in our business is from moston. Where abouts are you located now then? Ive booked a spot at a networking event called the property deal network at the Hilton in manc on 23rd September. Have you ever been to one of their events?
  3. Hi Guys I’m Neil originally from Middleton, North Manchester and now live in Wilmslow. I’m looking to set up a ltd company with a friend shortly and looking to invest in flipping houses before working towards a buy to let portfolio. I’m looking for any recommendations for networking groups/events in the Greater Manchester area in order to build relationships with tradesmen, investors and lenders alike. if anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
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