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  1. Cheers, my mortgage advisor is hinting towards ltd company and has said we will be able to get mortgages at decent rates all be it a little higher than a normal buy to let. We are going to keep the money in and reinvest into more properties.
  2. Hi all, there are 4 of us who have pooled together in order to buy some investment properties (vanilla buy to let) and we are struggling to decide on the best business structure. two of the four (one couple) are in the higher tax band and the other two (the other couple) are in the lower tax band, each couple already own a buy to let property which are staying separate and cash has been pooled to buy more. Our goal is 6 properties over the next 10 years. My question is, do we form a ltd company and buy as a company, do we form a general partnership and buy as a partnership or do we by as
  3. I would just like to say hi from the north east. I'm a new property investor, or at least recently new, I used to flip and rent rent out in the early 2000s but sold up regrettably when we had children and climbed the housing ladder etc and have recently started to invest again. I have one property in the North East which I have just finished refurbishing and now has a tenant in, filled within 2 days, happy days. Currently looking at joining forces with a business partner and building a portfolio around the North east as I like to be hands on. Not sure if ltd company or tenants in co
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