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  1. Many people prefer renting an apartment or a house because they don't want to plan so far ahead – which I can easily understand. But there are also disappointing examples…one of which occurred to my friend: They bought a house together, agreed on enormously high instalments, and then the couple split up. Selling would mean an immense loss. Now one of the two has to pay for the house alone, at immensely high rates - while the other has put all his savings into buying it. That's why a lot of people feel too insecure to just want to have a house like this ... you should really be 100 percent serious about everything
  2. Oh, so these folding televisions are also intended for super yachts then? On those yachts, of course, it makes more sense if you can hide such a large device in the floor. I have already watched a few videos on the Internet. The unfolding procedure does only take about 90 seconds...which is actually quite fast for such a huge TV, in my opinion. I am also quite impressed by the picture quality. I've never seen such a big TV with such a sharp picture quality in real life. So, I think if you're really interested, I'm sure you can get in touch with them. But in general, I would advise you to see the TV in real life if you can - preferably outdoors, because that's where you want to put your new TV, right? That way you can check if the picture quality is nice enough for you… :-)
  3. When are you moving? Is it in a few days, weeks or even months? The longer you have time, the better. The important thing is to sort out old things. Old files, office furniture that is no longer needed, etc. - everything that doesn't have to go with you saves money during transport. Destroy critical documents in accordance with data protection regulations. You should also think about archiving. Destroy old files if necessary. But pay attention to the observe legal retention periods! Moving can be a good reason to switch to electronic archiving as well if you still haven’t used it!
  4. Hey tomzer, that sounds interesting! So the TV is really IN the ground? I still can’t imagine how that looks like. But this also means that the TV can be turned as well? Then you could put it somewhere between the garden and the pool area…I mean…It’s so enormous, you’ll still be able to watch TV wherever you are in your garden In case the picture quality is good enough…you should have an eye on that as well! Anyways, I should look up some videos on the Internet to see how that works. I still didn’t got time to do that…I’ll do it right away ;-) I’ve never seen a “normal” TV with 201 inch diagonal… That must surely be impressive!
  5. I have become pretty eco-friendly these last two years…so here's what I do: - I buy meat and cheese only at the counter, where it is filled into my Tupperware tins - We fly a maximum of one time per year and then only if you can't get there by car/train and we spend quite a lot of time there…so we don’t take any flight to stay somewhere only a few day… - I try to do many ways by bike - no more shampoo and bath additive based on surfactants (has been replaced by hair soap and bath salts and stuff that comes in paper) - no more plastic bags for bread, rolls, fruit... (was replaced by partly self-sewn fabric bags) - We have a garden and many things I try to grow myself (potatoes, cabbage, salad...) - I buy milk and yoghurt in glass bottles, and if possible vegan / soya based - My wife likes to buy used clothes and she uses them for a long time…especially for children there are quite a lot of second hand stores! Well, generally speaking, I think that you can live quite eco-friendly nowadays...without having to make any concessions...only when travelling to destinations that are far away you are somewhat restricted if you don’t’ want to take a plane...how do you deal with that?
  6. Oh, so the television just disappears into the ground? And how long does it take until the television is ready to start? I still can't imagine how this is supposed to work. I'll have a look at it on the Internet…now you have awaken my interest! … Well, the concept certainly sounds very space-saving, if the whole TV disappears and is stored in the ground. And you would like to get a TV like that for the pool area? I can imagine that such a foldable TV will certainly be an eye-catcher in your garden. How big is such a television then and how big do you want it to be? Would you also have to have something converted in the garden or do you have enough space there anyways?
  7. To be honest…I don't really have any experience with folding televisions. I don't know what it is actually. I do know folding mobile phones, which will be available more often in the future in my opinion, but I have never heard of folding TVs. But keep looking around for engineered luxury. There are the biggest and most amazing gadgets you can imagine. There you can certainly find a huge television as well. But in general, I can agree with you that such a huge TV set is very impressive. Especially if you put one in your garden. Of course, you also have to make sure that the TV is waterproof and that you can store it somewhere. Hugh - yes, but at the same time such a TV as to be space-saving somehow as well. I also think that it's very important that you get a perfect picture quality. Because especially outdoors you have to pay attention to that. If the sun is shining or it is generally too bright outside, you also want to be able to watch TV, right? - and not just the TV itself…;-) What do you have in mind about the size of the TV more or less?
  8. Hi there, I'm asking for a friend! Maybe somebody could help us. When my friend looked through the rental contracts of a property he has bought, he found that flats there were rented out for a deposit of only two cold rents. Which is annoying, but probably still permissible. However, if you look at older rental contracts you can see that any deposit was being paid. Since the manager let the previous owner pay extra for each rental and since it is of course much easier to let a flat without a deposit, it is easy to imagine that someone could have taken the “easy way” to quickly obtain the premium for the rental. My question is whether the manager would now be liable if a rent deposit should have been retained and thus reducedInsert other media any damage caused by the tenant. Is it not a gross breach of the duties of a manager to disregard the interests of the owner in such a way? What do you think?
  9. The year 2020 taught me that you can never really be sure and that until now, everything has always gone more or less well. This year has also shown me how wonderful it is when you can move freely in the world. In any case, I feel like a cosmopolitan and I am looking forward to travelling the world again without restrictions and fear. All in all, however, I have to say that the pandemic was quite an exciting time as well. Who could have ever imagined that something like this could happen all over the world! You only know this from movies or series. And now we are part of history as well! But hopefully next year is gonna be “normal” again… ;-)
  10. Hi there! My name is Brett / picky and I can't wait to get to know you, share some experiences and tips. I would now like to deal more with property investment. Because I assume that this is a very safe investment compared to others. I'm relatively new to this area, so I would love to get a better understand of it! Kind regards, Brett