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  1. I’m in the same boat! I’ve got this cash built up and ready to go but I’m worried it might crash and I’ll be stuck.... but when listening to the podcast rob and rob keep talking about a book before a crash....? im just trying to decide whether to put the money in equities instead....
  2. Hi i have a recruitment company and have built up some money that I want to lend to a new company which will be my new property company the idea being to then invest this and purchase some properties should my new property company be vat registered? Is there anything I might need to consider when setting it up?
  3. Yes it seems too good to be true sometimes really appreciate these insights. Will look for a house as my original plan!
  4. Thank you so much for this! It sounds my instinct was right ☺️
  5. Hi all im looking at buying my first investment property in Liverpool. I’m unsure about my strategy- whether to buy a flat off plan in the city centre or just go for. 3 bed already built house a bit further out? im looking for long term growth but a yield that will cover my costs with a bit of a profit. it seems that there are some financial benefit to buy off plan but given the covid situation I’m worried about completion dates/ if at all/ and it seems there are so many extra costs here and there that I feel it’s quite complicated...( ground rent, service charge, furniture pack etc) what have your experiences been? And what would you recommend/ why? thanks everyone!
  6. Yes my feeling is maybe we are coming to this mid cycle dip? What do you think?
  7. Yeah it’s interesting..: I was thinking more that we’d see a dip at the end of stamp duty /furlough etc. But what it seems that rob and rob are saying is that we are entering into a boom phase in the next 12 months, and these phases last for a few years. So now is a good time to buy... on the other hand if we are about to see a bust wouldn’t it mean we are now in the winners curse phase? Therefore meaning it’s a bad bad time to buy? im just trying to figure out what to do! Wait or just go for it?!
  8. I'm new to property hub and have been learning alot about the 18 yr property cycle. As I understand we have just come out of.a mid-cycle wobble. In this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=070uJ0IyAww I listened to, it seems Rob & rob believe we are moving into a boom followed by a bust which pretty much lines up with the 18 yr property cycle. I wanted to ask your thoughts, do you think the bust will come sooner than usual because of COVID?
  9. Hey totally new to this about 5 years ago I got my flat, which I believe has built up about 100k in value since I bought it now the market is up and it’s a good time to sell but I don’t want to my plan is to buy somewhere with my fiancé and switch my flat to a buy to let (this does give me tax issues but I have no option) should I be refinancing the flat to take out the 100k to add to my deposit on the home I buy with my fiancé? Or is this a bad idea? What are the risks? Anything I need to watch out for? thanks for your help and words of wisdom!
  10. I am also interested to know are we in the boom or bust phase?
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