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  1. On 10/28/2020 at 7:59 AM, nataliej said:

    This was my goal this year! To buy a property, add value and refinance to pull out some cash to invest in a BTL. Obviosuly now I'm not confident doing this and I'm thinking of waiting until spring time next year (or whenever prices start to drop) to buy something cheaper and then just wait until prices start to rise (who knows when that will be)

    But my main concern is that if prices do crash and we have a bit of a wobble, will mortgages me hard to come by, so then I've waiting to buy but then can't?

    It will be interesting to hear other peoples plans if they were hoping to go down the BRR route this year too!

    I’m in the same boat! I’ve got this cash built up and ready to go but I’m worried it might crash and I’ll be stuck.... but when listening to the podcast rob and rob keep talking about a book before a crash....?

    im just trying to decide whether to put the money in equities instead....

  2. Hi

    i have a recruitment company and have built up some money that I want to lend to a new company which will be my new property company

    the idea being to then invest this and purchase some properties

    should my new property company be vat registered? Is there anything I might need to consider when setting it up?

  3. 10 hours ago, dennis hughes said:

    Not every 18 year period follows the norm.

    The area we work in is currently booming with high demand chasing relatively low supply - post lockdown saw a huge number of marriage/couple breakups so the rental market went nuts as well.

    Our opinion, for us anyway, is that now is the time to be fearful when others are greedy. With all that is going on, brexit, furlough ending, second wave already happening, we will look to move back into the market next year.

    Having said that, it is only our opinion, and it is the difference of opinion that make horse races... 

    Hi Dennis - what area is that? 


  4. 4 minutes ago, Stuart Phillips said:

    I am not seeing good outcomes for people buying off plan developments in oversaturated city centre areas.

    As a first time, i wouldnt be recommending it at the moment! Heres a few reasons why:

    • Rental figures are plucked out of thin air. Theres no precedence and developers are likely to be overoptomistic
    • COVID is driving people to seek houses, with spare rooms and gardens. Nobody wants to work from home in a 2 bed flat
    • Students and postgrads are more likely to be working remotely, and there wont be the supply of new young professionals in the coming years
    • Surveyors are worried about oversaturation of BTL investors (these developments are almost always marketed directly to BTL investors)
    • Surveyors are worried about a fall in house prices and new build city centre stuff is often going to be sold at a premium
    • Many of the incentives offered (guaranteed rent schemes etc) are not accepted by lenders
    • Onerous ground rents (if they exceed £250 within the mortgage term, say 25 years), wont be accepted by any lender
    • Property sourcing firms hide the true oversaturation in this market because they sell them outside of places like Zoopla and Rightmove precisely for this reason.

    Basically these deals look great on paper, but im finding many applications over the past 3 months have come back with some of the issues above from lenders and surveyors.

    Well established housing in up and coming areas are going to be far easier to research, far more palatable to lenders and much safer overall. Not saying dont buy off plan, but its a minefield at the moment and not something id recommend for a first foray into investing...

    Yes it seems too good to be true sometimes 

    really appreciate these insights. Will look for a house as my original plan!

  5. 46 minutes ago, DerekT said:

    Think it'll come down to what your goals are for investing in property. Although they're both properties, you'll have slightly different tenant markets with a city centre flat vs. house further out. Each has its pros and cons and if you type in 'flats vs houses investment property' into Google, you'll see lots of discussions already.

    My personal preference is a house as you can add your own value to it, whereas a new build you're already paying a premium to cover the costs of it being new, but also to cover their sales and marketing costs. There's also a myriad of new builds in Liverpool you'll be competing with in the city centre, whereas they're not really building new 3 bed terrace homes in comparison. The flat will provide less maintenance/hassle (as long as it's built properly and is cladding compliant), but then as you've mentioned you've got to deal with the lease, service charges, ground rent etc. 

    For your goal of long-term growth, without knowing your personal finances/circumstances, I'd go with a nice 3 bed house in a decent Liverpool postcode, with good amenities (close to good schools, shops and transport into the city centre). 


    Thank you so much for this! It sounds my instinct was right ☺️

  6. Hi all

    im looking at buying my first investment property in Liverpool. I’m unsure about my strategy- whether to buy a flat off plan in the city centre 

    or just go for. 3 bed already built house a bit further out?

    im looking for long term growth but a yield that will cover my costs with a bit of a profit. 

    it seems that there are some financial benefit to buy off plan but given the covid situation I’m worried about completion dates/ if at all/ and it seems there are so many extra costs here and there that I feel it’s quite complicated...( ground rent, service charge, furniture pack etc)

    what have your experiences been? And what would you recommend/ why?

    thanks everyone!

  7. Yeah it’s interesting..: I was thinking more that we’d see a dip at the end of stamp duty /furlough etc. But what it seems that rob and rob are saying is that we are entering into a boom phase in the next 12 months, 

    and these phases last for a few years. So now is a good time to buy...

    on the other hand if we are about to see a bust wouldn’t it mean we are now in the winners curse phase? Therefore meaning it’s a bad bad time to buy?


    im just trying to figure out what to do! Wait or just go for it?!

  8. I'm new to property hub and have been learning alot about the 18 yr property cycle. As I understand we have just come out of.a mid-cycle wobble. In this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=070uJ0IyAww  I listened to, it seems Rob & rob believe we are moving into a boom followed by a bust which pretty much lines up with the 18 yr property cycle. 

    I wanted to ask your thoughts, do you think the bust will come sooner than usual because of COVID?


  9. Hey 

    totally new to this

    about 5 years ago I got my flat, which I believe has built up about 100k in value since I bought it

    now the market is up and it’s a good time to sell but I don’t want to

    my plan is to buy somewhere with my fiancé and switch my flat to a buy to let (this does give me tax issues but I have no option)

    should I be refinancing the flat to take out the 100k to add to my deposit on the home I buy with my fiancé? Or is this a bad idea? What are the risks? Anything I need to watch out for? 

    thanks for your help and words of wisdom!

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