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  1. It’s been the been the tenants home for many years now with no increases so think it’s due some form on increase even just so I don’t fall too far behind inflation. I wasn’t sure what’s deemed acceptable increase, it seems about 3-5% is deemed the norm? The tenant is currently a 12 month agreement paying monthly. I did mention during the last tenancy agreement that the rental will be increasing in the future. The tenancy agreement is due renewal in 6weeks. Even though they pay monthly because they’re on a yearly agreement does that mean Im required to provide a 6 month notice in writing as regards the increase? Wasn’t sure what’s the official approach on this as I only have this one rental property and never done a increase so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  2. I’m just in the process of increasing a rental increase, I did inform them during the last tenancy extension however now want to make it official so will be providing them with some documentation to do so. Would be interesting to hear what approach you take. Thanks
  3. I’m in the same situation. Just about to rent a property with solar panels and I’m trying to decide how I’m going to get the reading every quarter. I was considering getting the tenant to text me a image of the meter every three months so I can appreciate this is a inconvenience request. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Well I know you posted this for suggestions and I’m sorry I have none to share but thanks for your post as I’d added that to my watch list
  5. Also I’ve just realised I’ve posted this in the “podcast” part of the forum sorry that’s a mistake from my side. Could a moderator please move this topic to the property discussion😬😇 Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks for your reply and sharing your approach it’s much appreciated. I self manage at the moment so there’s no agents involved, I have discussed with the tenants prior so it doesn’t come as an unexpected surprise. I feel even if it’s just a small increase that way I don’t fall behind too much and stops be trying to play catch up later on down the line.
  7. Hello All, I have a property where it’s rented way below the market value. Now rightly or wrongly I am the type that would rather be below the market value and keep good tenants but when I say below market value I mean massively below. Last year I didn’t verbally mention that there’s a potential price increase this year and they seemed fine with it. Furthermore the rental agreement is due for renewal so I feel now would be an appropriate time for the increase. Just wondering what’s everyone’s approach and procedure of increasing the monthly rent? Any views and advice is appreciated. Thank you
  8. Hello All, This might be a very simple question and common practice but for me its the first time I've seen Indemnity insurance and would deeply appreciate anyone's experiences views. I'm in the process of purchasing a property and my solicitors have highlighted the following enquiry to to the sellers sols; "We note that the 1982 Conveyance refers to rights set out in a Conveyance dates 26th August 1953, although this is not mentioned on the register. We assume that there is no copy available and, if this is the case, we will require the attached indemnity policy on completion" My sols have then sent me an "Unknown Restrictive Convents" document and states the following; "THE DEFECT Title to the Property (or part thereof) is, or may be subject to: i. unknown restrictive covenants which are still subsisting and capable of being enforced, and which may have been breached by any conversions, alterations, additions or extensions to the Property completed at least 12 months prior to the Policy Date ii. unknown rights, easements, exceptions and/or reservations which are still subsisting and capable of being exercised at the Policy Date Lack of evidence of building regulations consent (including FENSA and/or other statutory installation consents for boiler replacement, electrical work or, as appropriate) for: i. conversions, extensions, additions or alterations completed at least 12 months prior to the Policy Date ii. the original construction of the Property completed at least 4 years prior to the Policy Date" I would appreciate any advice and if its something I need to be concerned about? I don't really understand the purpose of this document and if its common to require one? I could be wrong but I'm lead to believe this document is required as there's some of the title deeds missing but still waiting for a response from my sols, I have asked for information from my sols and they are "too busy" for a phone call .... though persisting on a completion date - I wont be using them again that's for sure! Thank you all in advance!
  9. Perfect thanks for for sharing, I guess that’s the first place I’ll be visiting 👍
  10. I've just been informed by a friend in the trade that Howdens do a "landlord pack", he said they are perfect for smaller kitchens. Will require a new kitchen in the coming months so will update you on my findings!
  11. I've just started listening to Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel on audible and so far really good! Thank you for the suggestions!
  12. I'd vote property if i had to be one or the other, for me the main attraction on property for a pension is the control aspect.
  13. Thanks mate. Yeah I’ve had a listen to the podcast “Naked money” i thought it was pretty good and that’s what actually made me find his book! Have you read the naked trader book? I’ll give the other podcast a listen too, thanks for the recommendation!
  14. I’ll give them a Google thanks mate
  15. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations as regards the basics of stock market trading? Preferred if it was UK biased however that’s not essential as I’m sure the principle remains. Im considering either: Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns I was wondering if anytime had read one of the following books or open to alternative suggestions Thank you in advance
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