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  1. Thanks all for the reply. I mean 30k deposit so 120k is ideal. Some great advice either way ,thanks guys.
  2. Anniesland and Strathbungo at present. Though with the current rise in prices I may have to extend my budget. Also finding a few hurdles since I'm an expat buyer. May I ask, which solicitor you used ? You can dm if you dont want to share publicly. Either way I hope your journey is going well, what areas are you looking at ?
  3. Hello all, So like most of us I have been an avid listener to the podcast and its has been fantastic, thanks Rob & Rob ! Though there is one thing I feel I am missing knowledge on. What is the real difference between purchasing a BTL in Scotland vs England ? Home reports (Great !) Freehold flats (Also sounds like a bonus to me) Quicker mortgage turn around times ? Am I also right in saying you would have to have a Scottish solicitor ? I would really appreciate the feedback on some other key differences (the ones that you pick up on with exper
  4. Hi Cameron. I’m in a similar position in terms of budget and the need for legal advice, especially as I am new to the Scottish system. Did you hear back about anything ?
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