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  1. Hi Leon The council should do all the legwork in terms of finding the tenant. Some will outscource to a management company who will manage the property inc rent collection, maintenance, etc on your behalf or on the other hand they might expect the landlord to do this so it is best to check what the council concerned to see what their terms and conditions are.
  2. Hello. I own a property that is rented out through a local council. The rent is higher than what I would get through my letting agent as it’s guaranteed so if there’s a void period or the rent is not paid I still get my payment. This is through their Guaranteed Rent Scheme - check to see if this is an option with your council. The tenant is working but on low income and has been in the property for 6 years so no issue with short term tenancy but I appreciate this is not always the case. The one thing I would say is to ensure you are not emotionally attached to the property -j
  3. Hello everyone. I’m Monica and am looking to start my property journey which I’m really excited about. I’ve the funds to invest but need a power team around me to keep me honest and steer me on the right path. I’m based in Birmingham so would appreciate any recommendations for a property accountant, mortgage broker, solicitor and builder in the Midlands. I’ve tried looking around myself but I’d rather use people who are tried and tested. Thanks in anticipation of your help.
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