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  1. Thank you David. I am currently just looking at different avenues that people have spoken about. I have equity in my property I can use, but was curious to see how other people do things and if anyone had worked with investors this way and what the pro’s and con’s are.
  2. Good afternoon all, I am interested to get ideas on how some of you have structured investor deals for raising capital. I am planning on going for a BRR strategy and currently haven’t got any investment properties in a portfolio. Really just trying to get some education under my belt. I’ve never dealt with investors before, so are there any golden tips you could please share?! Many thanks.
  3. Good evening all, I am Grant Jones, I am 30 years old and live in the south east of Essex. I have a wife and a baby daughter and these are the reasons I am here. To help look after their futures. My wife and I have a good sum of equity in our own property and we have some extremely close friends who have an established property business seeing properties around Manchester (mainly areas such as Salford and Eccles). I am planning on reading and educating myself as much as possible before I dive into this venture and have a 12 month target to own and let a second prop
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