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  1. Hi All Around 6 months ago I bought a buy to let property substantially below market value. (thank you RMP Property!) Purchase Price £73k Estimated Valuation now (6 month later) £115k I bought this property for cash with the view to remortgaging for the real value 6 months later. That day has now come and I am in the process of remortgaging to fund my next deal. Unfortunately the mortgage broker has come back to me after speaking to the lenders saying "Despite having owned and operated this property for 6 months the lenders will only consider the purchase price unless I have c
  2. Hi All My first post on Property Hub. I have been investing in property for about a year now and have a few properties that are not within easy travelling distance, hence they are all managed by letting agents. Rob and Rob's company YellowLettings manages one of these. (On a side note I have been very impressed so far with the service, especially considering the low fees. I will be using them more in future). I received my rent from Yellow Lettings today and noticed that they had not added VAT to their fee. I beleive this will be a short lived as it will soon not be economical for
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