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  1. Hi rori, i read rob ds books how to be a landlord andproperty investing both of which are a great help! Would call these the bibles of property tbh lol i know we are in a mini boom but dont loose hope there will be deals dont get destracted from your stratergy, but if your in it for the long game it shouldnt be a huge problem obviously multiple exits is ideal though. We havnt actually invested there however i done some research on forums as taught by rob and the north of liverpool seems to be very risky.. depends if your happy to risk high yeild for potentialy troublesome tenants.. that is pur
  2. Hi all, I have just started out on my first business venture with a friend of 7 years, we have currently set up a limited company which will house our property portfolio and are in the middle of purchasing our first 2 properties one in Sheffield and the other in Doncaster. Our short term goals at the moment are to be able to focus on this as a full time career and leave our current jobs. We both have a fair bit of experience in construction so hoping this should help us on our way. Any tips would be appreciated and anyone investing in these areas please feel free to get in contact.
  3. Hi Steve, i too am fairly new to the hub, great to hear your goals must admit they are very similar to mine. what area are you currently investing in? We are just staring out so any tips would be great!
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