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  1. I've had a look on the .gov.uk website at setting up a limited company. I'm not sure if its better to get my accountant to set it up for me? Are there any obvious pitfalls people have come across? Are there things I might miss that could be a problem / cost me in later years? If doing it yourself do you just use the memorandum of association template they have on the site, and standard articles?
  2. I was interested to hear form anyone in the Property business in France. I'm looking at setting up a ltd company and buying in an area we spend around 3 months in every year. I'm more interested in short term holiday lets (air bnb style) than long term lets. It should return reasonably on investment despite only gauranteed income around 7 months of the year. (I'm discounting the rest of the year and if its rentable then, its a bonus.) The plan is an ltd company and interest only mortgage, second property within around 12-18 months... etc etc. Very much like what many are doing in the UK - exc
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