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  1. hi, I am a newbie from Manchester, also looking to invest in these areas, would be interesting to hear you journey. Liam
  2. hi, yeah I think its more learning as I go on and getting the experience I am 25 now so I have a fair bit of time to learn
  3. hi Julia thanks for your in put gives a lot more understanding, prioitise the first 2 then see how it goes
  4. hi everyone I just wanted other peoples opinions on this slow and steady approach to investing these funds, £225,000 to buy 5 properties that are around 6% yield they cash flow around £250pcm each property after all expenses , Mortgage ,maintenance, management ect, so £1,250pcm in total, I won't have full access to all funds till later in the year, my plan is to purchase 2btl's in 2021 with the funds available now, then having the rest of the funds purchase another 3btl's in 2022, then go on to purchasing 1 every year, I don't intend on taking any capital out for a long time. am I
  5. hi Julia, the house's I have been to view have needed light refurbishment, new kitchen, bathroom general modernising through out, so I think the best strategy would be to brrr, as long as I am pulling a decent amount of money out of the deal I will be happy, I have also been looking at standard btl properties, I think I will use both these strategies. any advise would be much appreciated.
  6. hi people, I intend on doing single btl long term, I have noticed a lot of houses that aren't mortgageable so i would have to consider using bridging finance. I would like to find out about bridging finance or bridge to let ? what are peoples views ? 1, is bridge to let still available ? 2, pros and cons of using bridging or bridge to let ? thanks in advance
  7. hi guys, I have a starling business bank account and also Barclays business bank account, I am unsure on which to is best to use for mortgages / direct debits ect ? any help would be great thanks Liam
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