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  1. Hi My wife and I currently own to BTL properties in our joint names. We are looking to expand our portfolio and have been advised that it will be better to buy any future properties via a limited company. How easy is it to transfer ownership of the existing properties into the limited company and will we be liable for CGT or Stamp Duty on the transfer? WS
  2. The estate agent selling one of my properties suggested using an online auction site that was part of the same company. We signed the paperwork and was told the auction would end on a specific date. When that date arrived, and the bids had not reached the reserve price the auction house extended the auction for another 9 days without consulting me. When I asked them to withdraw the house from the auction site, they said I had to give 21 days notice. This wasn't explained to me by the agent who I had good relationship with up until now. Has anyone else had experience of online auctions and
  3. Hi Mark We were able to see the ground floor flat but not upstairs. There were a few issues with the property. We've had an offer accepted on another house, also converted into two flats, that in my opinion is a better investment. Cheers Winston
  4. I'm in the process of buying my first couple of BTL properties. In my research I've seen articles recommending membership of a landlords' association. When I've looked into this, there is more than one association in the UK. Has anyone got any recommendations on which one to join or stay clear of. Thanks WS
  5. Hi My wife and I are in the process of starting our portfolio with 2 BTL properties. I pay income tax at the basic rate and my has no income at the moment. Would it be better to own the properties in a limited company at this stage or keep them in our own names until we add more properties? Thanks WS
  6. Hi I am thinking of buying a house that has been converted into two flats. The estate agent has only listed photos and video footage of one of the flats . I asked for a viewing and was told that due to the tenant working with vulnerable adults that I could not see the flat until my offer was accepted. It seems strange to make an offer on a property I haven't viewed. Has anyone else had this experience?
  7. Hi, I am selling a BTL property with no mortgage on it. Am I able to purchase another BTL property with a mortgage although I do not have an income? Thanks
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