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  1. Amazing congratulations on starting your journey!
  2. Hi, I was just looking into this subject, as far as I can tell so far if you own the property as a business then it is your 'job', however if you own another house in your name then you are in breach because shared ownership is there to help those in need of housing. Have a look through your terms and conditions because so far as I can tell it is more of a problem if you own a property before you apply for a shared ownership mortgage. But please don't take my word for it as I really haven't found that much out about it so far. I was originally looking to see if it was a good idea to get a shar
  3. Hi Steve, I’m also in Berkshire, If you were looking to stay closer to home and have more control over your investment I might have an idea. I have a bit of time on my hands because I work in events as an Operations Manager. If you need someone as a point of contact in the day and to liaise between contractors I could be of help, you can contact me on LinkedIn Nicky Johnson and I work for Henley theatre services.
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