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  1. Hi everyone hope you're well. This is likely to be one of those stupid questions but I'm new to this so please forgive me! I'm exploring options for my first buy to let and would like to know whether it's possible to rent a property that isn't set up as a HMO to as many individual tenants as there are bedrooms (eg rent a four bed house to four students, charging an amount per person per week). Appreciate any steers that will help me cut through the overwhelming amount of info online! Thanks so much George
  2. Thanks all for the invaluable steers and advice - much appreciated! will take it all on board and, for those who offer individual services, I will be in touch! Thanks once again and all the best for 2021
  3. Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping well. I'm brand new to property investment and while I've done so much learning around the subject (thanks to all at Property Hub and you guys on this forum) and can't wait to get started, I now need to build a power team from scratch. It feels like quite an undertaking so I'd really appreciate your recommendations please. I'm looking for: Tradespeople/builders in Nottingham Mortgage broker (ideally specialising in funding for property investments) Property Sourcer Tax advisor/accountant, again ideally specialising in property
  4. Hi - congrats on your purchase! I'm based in Nottingham and looking to make my first purchase locally soon I recommend JMP Solicitors (based in Grantham but serve nationwide) - if you're interested I can look to put you in touch with someone there.
  5. Hi Paul Like you, I'm based in Nottingham (South Notts) and looking to get started in property investment. As a complete newbie, I need to build my connections/power team from scratch so thought I'd say Hi in case we can help each other build our local networks etc. Good luck! George
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