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  1. Yes has been refurbished to a high standard, its a large house with a driveway. Just got valuation back today and it's been down-valued slightly so hopefully vendor agrees
  2. Hey @sherry101, thank you very much I am super excited! I have bought a 3/4 bed house 2 bathrooms in the L4 area in Liverpool for £119,000 and will be doing a standard single let. I have been looking for letting agents to manage the property for me as I live in Essex which is quite far away from Liverpool. What area/postcodes are you looking at? And are you looking for HMO prosperities or single lets
  3. Hi @sherry101 I'd agree with the first response, things are quite hectic right now, properties going for more than the asking price. I am halfway through the legal process with my first investment property in Liverpool looking to complete by ending of next month
  4. Hey Neil, Thanks for this I'm going to check them out and give them a call! Felisha
  5. Hey Mark - thank you! Yes I’m just looking at Liverpool really, for my first one just doing a standard buy to let (family/professional let). Looking at properties that are in a good condition currently so tenants could move in right away. How about you what’s your plan and strategy?
  6. Hi guys! I am looking to purchase my first BLT property in Liverpool (L7 & L11 area) and was wondering if you knew of any good letting agents around that area that I could check out to manage my property for me.
  7. Hi Tracey, I know this message is over a year late but I am looking to buy in Liverpool a BLT property. Currently looking at L7 & L11. In your opinion are these good areas to invest in? And do you know any other postcodes that are good for investment purposes?
  8. Hello, Your situations and goals mirrors mine, I am currently looking everyday with the exact same criteria as mentioned above. I have mainly been looking in L7 & L11 as research shows these 2 areas best to invest in for my criteria. Do let me know how you have got on with your searches and purchases.
  9. Hello, my name is Felisha I’m 25 years old living in Essex and super excited about getting involved in property investment. I have been listening to many property hub podcasts, read a few of Rob Dix books on investment and how to be a landlord and I have also taken a few of the courses on property Hub University. Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of research and I am now ready to become a homeowner for the first time with a BLT property. I have decided to invest in Liverpool; I have a broker in place and recently put an offer on a 2 bed house which got rejected as they got a
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