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  1. Hi Dave Thanks for your reply to my thread. Interestingly I think we have the same model. I also have a Trading company which funds my Investment company via a Holding company in my case. I have always bought unencumbered but kept getting told why don’t you ‘put more of your fingers in that pie and benefit from capital gains in the future by using leverage and having x2/x3 more properties. Hence my repayment vs IO dilemma I hope we are not just creating an echo chamber here but I agree with you entirely. take care Yas
  2. Hi All i am looking to replace x5 boilers. They are all 2/3 bedroom terrace properties. Could anyone recommend a make and model which has the best balance for price vs reliability. (Low to mid range price bracket) thank you
  3. Hi All I am really struggling to decide if to go with Interest only or repayment mortgages for BTL investing. I am fortunate where I have a very well paying job and also passive income from investments therefore I do not need any income from my BTL portfolio in the short to medium term (early retirement planning). I also don’t need any funds from my BTL to purchase more properties as this will come from other income. Therefore surely it would be better for me to go with a repayment strategy where I have all the properties paid off unless you can convince me otherwise. Th
  4. Thankyou for taking the time to reply David. I have a holding company, a trading company where all excess money is used to invest in my newly formed Investment company. I do not pay myself any dividends. In addition as mentioned I have income outside of my company structure in the form of rent which I use for living expenses. For anyone reading this post LTD Investment companies are great to grow a property portfolio particularly for higher rate Tax payers but they fall within IHT. There are ways to re structure the role of your investment companies to do more trading
  5. Hi All As you can see below my question is quite specific and not related to section 24 but balancing paying the least tax vs future estate planning. x7 properties personal name - no mortgage. Net profits have reached the basic tax threshold of 50k so will not be buying any further properties on my personal name. Income Tax 20% x1 property via LTD company SPV and all future purchases to be done via LTD company. Corporation tax 19% My question is (we will assume i meet the conditions for incorporation relief) would you keep things as they are and con
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