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  1. Hi, As per the title, I'm 19, buying a BTL, but am a first time buyer. The property is valued at 170000. As there is no stamp duty for properties under £500k at the moment, I'm presuming I wouldn't pay any for that. As I'm a first time buyer, do I have to pay the 3% BTL/2nd home surcharge? I'm hoping not ! ie: I'm HOPING I'd pay 0%, a possibility I'd pay 3%, but probably not pay the full 8% - is that correct? Thanks, Sam.
  2. I'm confused. The Estate Agent, Broker and Lender all know I'm buying it as a BTL and I've applied for BTL mortgages? How do you mean I've lied?
  3. The lenders. The tenants were lovely and they'd kept the property immaculate - exactly the tenants my dad wishes for in his BTL.
  4. Hi, Although I've only just joined, I've been lurking and reading for a while, but I desperately need advice !!! I'm 19 (20 early next year), earn £26k (£30+ with overtime) and have had an offer accepted on a BTL property, with existing tenants. The property is £169950, with a monthly rent of £850 furnished. I have managed to save £45000 for a 25% deposit from savings, investments, birthday money and gifts over the years (I have been saving 80% of my wages for the last 3 years). Because of my age, BTL and being a 1st time buyer, my choice of mortgages through my broker is limi
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