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  1. [Ignore - Brain Failure] Hi. As per the title really. Are Leasehold Ground Rent Fees and Service Charges an allowable revenue expense within a ltd company structure? Do they count as bills that are included in the rent? Or is it more complicated as the buisiness would be part owner of the company to which the service charge is being payed? Thanks! -T
  2. Thank you David! - Good point on pessimism. I think when i start testing the market instead of testing the spreadsheet ill be more realistic. - Insurance: Interesting point. I should check im not double paying on the one i already own! - Flat costs: To get my head around it I initially spit out the cost of the house and the cost of the mortgage. You are right I wont need to pay a valuation fee to myself though! - Haemorrhaging 6p a year could put the brakes on this whole endeavour ;) - Ill self manage at first but absolutely i put a value on my time. Ill have
  3. Hi! Im new. So its a little cheeky to come in with a request for detailed feedback yet... here I am. (Happy to provide feedback on anyones creative concerns until I have more to offer!) I have created (well... tried to create) a calculator to help me quickly analyse investment oportunities. Two Questions: 1. Are the figures correct - Have I ommited any important data / numbers / money from the calculation? Or drastically underestimated a particular cost? 2. Are the calculations correct - Is my maths right. Have i calculated a percentage backwards or misunderstood