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  1. Thanks Derek. Currently it seems even with CGT and after SDLT holiday it makes sense to do this. What you say regarding the two, unrelated, phases makes sense and is what i was expecting. I was a little thrown by some of the language on the communication from brokers and solicitors. Valid point about the directors gaurentee as well. I had forgotten that. Thanks, it gives me the confidence that i can go ahead an instruct the first solicitor without worrying that i had missed some sort of legal hurdle that would made the subsequent mortgage difficult.
  2. Hi. I have a number of questions but the first regards solicitors My intention it to transfer (sell) a privately held, mortgage free, leesehold flat, into a LTD company and subsequently take out a mortgage on it to fund future purchases. Is there any reason I should use the same solicitor as the intended future mortgage provider specifies to make the initial transfer (sale) into the company? I dont see why the two actions would be related, or how i would gaurentee that by the time of completion that mortgage supplier was still the best choice. But some of the languag
  3. Hi! As an initial step to investment I wondered if anyone had an advice as to a solicitor to speedily move my privately owned, mortgage free, flat into my SPV. Thanks! -T
  4. Hi. I have developed a few, fairly in depth, strategies about how i would wish to go about investing in property over the next 10-20 years. Systems to look at the value in different regions, calculate property potential and year by year projections of how different types of investment might fare. I was hoping for recomendations of people / organisations to, essentially, check my figures for me before i push the button. To make sure i am chosing the right strategy and that i have not made any glaring erros in my planning All of this with a potential view to become lon
  5. Thanks both! Sometimes its the simplest things that can confuse when you are trying to learn so much in one go.
  6. Hi. This might seem obvious but are there any issues with remortgaging a BTL owned privatley but investing that money into additional property through a LTD Company. If the cash was earned from income then there would be no issue investing it as i wished. Im wondering if a lender will see it as misleading them into risk they were not factoring in? Or, if, as really the LTD Co is only a wrapper and the risk is mostly based on my own and the propertie's individual circumstances anyway, they wont care. Thanks in advance! -T
  7. [Ignore - Brain Failure] Hi. As per the title really. Are Leasehold Ground Rent Fees and Service Charges an allowable revenue expense within a ltd company structure? Do they count as bills that are included in the rent? Or is it more complicated as the buisiness would be part owner of the company to which the service charge is being payed? Thanks! -T
  8. Thank you David! - Good point on pessimism. I think when i start testing the market instead of testing the spreadsheet ill be more realistic. - Insurance: Interesting point. I should check im not double paying on the one i already own! - Flat costs: To get my head around it I initially spit out the cost of the house and the cost of the mortgage. You are right I wont need to pay a valuation fee to myself though! - Haemorrhaging 6p a year could put the brakes on this whole endeavour ;) - Ill self manage at first but absolutely i put a value on my time. Ill have
  9. Hi! Im new. So its a little cheeky to come in with a request for detailed feedback yet... here I am. (Happy to provide feedback on anyones creative concerns until I have more to offer!) I have created (well... tried to create) a calculator to help me quickly analyse investment oportunities. Two Questions: 1. Are the figures correct - Have I ommited any important data / numbers / money from the calculation? Or drastically underestimated a particular cost? 2. Are the calculations correct - Is my maths right. Have i calculated a percentage backwards or misunderstood
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