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  1. You can buy a freehold garage with a separate title I believe and it will be registered at the LR. Not sure how easy or difficult... A friend’s neighbour was recently selling one in Mitcham Eastfields but I am not sure if it is sold or not yet
  2. Agree with Mark, great article by Rob. I follow a very similar set of steps but before even looking at them I pay a lot of attention to the area and adjacent areas - growth, developments, infrastructure, schools etc. I am not sure which part of the country you are in but I tend to have several target areas and monitor the market for some time before making any moves. As much as these decisions require a lot of calculations and weighing up , my intuition is important too. Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone could share their experience/success/lessons learnt re splitting a terraced house into two flats. I am particularly interested in legal and tax aspects. I appreciate planning permission challenges, installation of extra utility meter readers and significant building costs. However, I believe it is also complicated from the legal and tax perspective. I am a freeholder and cannot grant any leases to myself. I wondered if I could create one lease for one of those flats and grant it to my mum or husband? I have no intention to sell those flats i
  4. Similarly to Derek I’d suggest P Shamplina and there was recently the NRLA webinar on mediation in such cases and depending on the region your property is in their helpline can suggest a company/advisor that can help . The mediation process should get the parties talking to each other and can cost a few hundred pounds but have faster results than waiting for courts ... Good luck!
  5. I am in the process of evaluating whether to let a newly refurbished property on AirBnB as in my case I have some extended family overseas that comes and goes throughout the year and it would be great to block out certain times of the year for them. I am not sure if it is just for London or for other parts of the country too , but I have learnt that there seem to be a restriction as to marketing your AirBnB property for 90 days per year only and the site will automatically block you if you would like to do this for more than that. Not sure if it is the case yet or just a proposal and I thou
  6. In my recent experience it helped on a bit of a discount and seller sticking with me. He previously agreed to sell at a higher price but that sell fell through as the buyer could not get their mortgage offer released ... Similarly to another post, I found it played a small difference but made my offer more convincing in my scenario. Despite the prices shot up a bit in the months waiting for completion , I felt this was something that kept the seller sticking with me. I was buying in London and initially considered auctions. I found the competition was very strong but the main reason
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