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    I am a Freelance Quantity Surveyor, with 15 years experience working for Main Contractors. More recently i have set up freealance and carry out work for small builders and sub-contractors. I hope that by being freelance i will have more time to acquire property and build a pension pot for the future, as well as trying to gain financial freedom before I am 55.

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  1. Hi all, I'm catching up on old episodes. How do Rob and Rob access all of the old Nationwide Price Indicies (Index) information. I've been on their website and can only go back for the last couple of years. Thanks
  2. @adder1, what do you do? I am a Freelance Quantity Surveyor and operate through a limited company. I understand that mortgage companies do not like lending to a 'non property' business, which will limit your options for the future. My plan is to have a holding company above my Surveying Company, and my new property company. I'll be a director of all three, with profits flowing from the Surveying company up to my holding company and loaned back to the property company. I'm yet to put this into practice, but 2021 will be the year. I do need to run all of this through my accountant though.
  3. Do you own the whole building?
  4. What is your business interest? I recently set up as a freelance quantity surveyor. I have been surveying for 15 years, and coronavirus + redundancy made me strike out on my own. I am employed by my own limited company and so far so good.
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    Hi @jamesca, no it didn't bother me. I just checked your profile and you had no posts and you were a new user so i wondered if it was spam.
  6. carlhague


    Hi all, Has anyone else heard of Qeeper and received a message from "jamesca"? Thanks
  7. As @david slater says, they are a cost of doing business. You can carry losses forward until you make a profit.
  8. I was going to say this, i understand that you can invest upto 40K in a pension, and from what i understand you can do this as a lump sum on an annual basis, but you really need to run that through an accountant and a Financial Advisor
  9. Hi all, I'm sure i heard or read somewhere about setting up two companies, one to own property and a separate one to deal with the rental income. Does anyone do this?
  10. According to the BTL terms, you cannot rent to yourself or someone in your family (regardless of company vs sole)
  11. I would second this. How far into the 40% tax bracket are you? Do you need to take any money out? If you don't need any cash, then holding as a limited company may still be an option, you can take your tax free dividend allowance as a bonus. Then take dividend later in life when your salary situation changes?
  12. @stroodle, The best advice i can give is to pick a model property, and price up the renovations. Get friendly with a builder and ask him to put a scheme together with a price. Then go from there
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